The problem we address.....

Most of the small and medium size training institutes face the problem of administering tests to students. It is extremely time-consuming, cumbersome and repetitive task, which eats away precious time of the faculty.

Adopting online test platforms does not guarantee the security of their question banks and study material. Mostly, it is also expensive for a small/medium training academy.

  • Thats the precise problem we are solving with PlayknowPRO.

The Solution

With our intuitive and robust platform, we can launch a white-labelled mobile app for any training institute in less than 2 days.

Priced at just Rs.1999 per month, for the basic module, your students can download your app and receive the study material on their mobiles. And also take up practice/mock tests and submit scores on the move.

Complete with a android-powered front end for students and a full-fledged control panel for the faculty, the product is aimed at offering the best suite of features at a highly competitive price.

6 reasons why you should choose PlayknowPRO for your institute…

Quick to Launch

It is a competitive world. Gone are the days when you will take one year to develop and launch your mobile app. We can launch the app for your institute in less than 2 working days.

We mean it.

Branded for you

There is no fancy in sharing a common e-learning or assessment platform. Enhance the image of your academy by launching a mobile app and web application, in your own brand.

Enhance your brand image and get more enrolments.


Many institutes invest heavily in e-learning and app development and then realise that the product does not fit their needs. Don't risk your hard-earned money.

Our basic product is priced at just Rs.1999 per month and is good enough to fulfil most of your requirements.

User-Friendly UI

We have in-depth domain expertise and experience of working with so many training institutes and students. The platform had been designed keeping in mind the needs of such faculty and students.

You will love it.


Don't bother about piracy of your hard work like study material and question banks.

Our robust encryption mechanisms keep the data safe and avoid free distribution of your content.

Unlimited Usage

Don't bother about limits on the number of students using the app or the volume of your content/study material.

We literally offer unlimited space to host your content as well access to unlimited number of students to use the app.

Convinced about the benefits?

Choose a suitable pricing plan as per your needs and get in touch with us